Frequently asked questions

What does a full end or duvet end mean on your beds?

A Full End (also known as High Foot or High Tail) is the piece at the end of the bed, which allows you to tuck your duvet inbetween the mattress and the end.
A Duvet End (also known as Low Foot or Low Tail) is the short piece at the end of the bed, which allows you to sit at the edge of your bed or allow the duvet cover to hang down from the mattress.

I seem to have misplaced or lost my assembly instructions can you help?

Of course we can. If you visit the “Support” page on our website, we will have all the Assembly Instructions at your finger tips. All you do is download the pdf. file of the Assembly Instructions that you need and print it off. That easy!

I don't have any stockists in my area can you help ?

We apologise for this. It occasionally happens that we have retailers who have sold their showroom floor models or have a very limited range. We review our retailer list regularly but we don’t take retailers off the list just because they haven’t ordered for a period of time. If you want a specific Touchwood product – take it to your local retailer and ask them to order it for you.

Can you sell Touchwood Products outside of New Zealand ?

Please make contact with our wellington office.

I purchased a Touchwood cot several years ago. I now find that I have misplaced some of the bolts and/or drop-side latches. Am I able to purchase replacements?

Yes you can. If you care to email us with your Batch Number and Model of your cot, we will then be able to supply you with a complete set of replacement bolts, including assembly instructions. Bolt Kits are $40 Inclusive of GST and freight, however if you live at a rural delivery address the full charge will be $44.

After assembling my Cot I noticed the Dropside will not go down, Am I doing something wrong ?

It is probably because you have inserted the drop-side the wrong way around. In the Assembly Instructions it mentions that it is important that the drop-side is inserted with the Touchwood Emblem facing outwards. Inserting the drop-side incorrectly will cause the Touchwood Emblem to jam on the inside of the cot, causing it not to move downwards and possibly damage the inside of your Cot. Please READ the Assembly Instructions carefully to ensure smooth assembling.

I want to change the colour of my Touchwood Cot, How can I do this ?

All Touchwood cots are painted or stained with totally non-toxic finishes. If you decide to repaint your cot you must be sure that the paint that you are going to use is also totally non-toxic and safe for a baby to suck on. Touchwood does not recommend repainting the Cot and will not be liable for anything that goes wrong.

I noticed when my Touchwood Cot arrived the stain is a slightly different colour ?

Due to the inherent variances in timber (different grain and intensity), slight variations in colour may occur. Our spray booths use the same spray painting techniques as we have always done to ensure that all of our Furniture matches in the best possible way. You may find that having furniture subject to direct sunlight or furniture which has slightly aged over time may look slightly different in colour. You will minimise colour differences if the products are purchased together from the same batch.

What are the safety standards for Cots in Australia and New Zealand ?

All cots sold in New Zealand and Australia must comply to the current Safety Standards. Touchwood cots have been tested and are certified to the latest Australian / New Zealand Standards. More information concerning Standards can be obtained from Trading Standards, Ministry Of Business, Innovation and Employment and also the Commerce Commission, who enforce the mandatory standard. Related Links: http://www.comcom.govt.nz/household-cots/

What is the History of the Household Cot Safety Standards?

• First published in Australia as AS 2172-1978
• Second edition 1981
• Third edition 1983
• Fourth edition 1991
• First published in New Zealand as NZS 5810:1979
• Second edition 1992
• AS 2172-1991 and NZS 5810:1992 jointly revised, amalgamated and redesignated as AS/NZS 2172:1995
• Sixth edition 2003
• Seventh edition 2010
• Eighth edition 2013 (Published: 18/04/2013)

My Child is biting the Dropside and Leaving teething marks, What Can I do about this ?

Touchwood cots are not supplied with plastic teething strips as we have found these can be unhygienic as baby’s saliva gets trapped underneath these strips. Touchwood have a natural fabric cot protector, which is easily removed and washed. These are available at any of our Nursery Stockists and on our online shop.

Do you put Castors on your cots ?

No we don’t, for reasons of stability. Also, if you are thinking of moving a cot from room to room; remember that a Touchwood cot won’t go through a normal doorway when they are fully assembled.

My Changing table moves around on our wooden floors, what can I do about this ?

If you are registered in the Touchwood Care Club we can replace your front castors with lockable castors so that it doesn’t move around. We can also supply anti slip squares in our online shop to help the table grip to the floor to prevent movement.

Can you send me the dimensions of your products ?

The furniture dimensions are available on this web site on the relevant product pages. The recommended mattress size (if you are not buying a Touchwood mattress) is 1300 mm x 680 mm and the depth of the mattress shouldn’t be more than 150 mm maximum.

What guarantee/warranty do you offer on your products?

Touchwood products are made to last. We will back our products for 5 years from the date of purchase with normal use. A quick look at Trade Me will show you that our cots are traded for much longer than this. If a product has a manufacturing fault we will repair or replace it free of charge or credit. Please discuss any warranty or service queries with your store of purchase. You will be required to show proof of purchase. They will inform you of the next step. Products that are returned directly to the manufacturer by customer will NOT be eligible for warranty, unless prior approval.

What is not covered by Warranty ?

Second hand product. Modified product. Poorly maintained product. Normal wear and tear.
It also does not cover fading or discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight or chemicals such as ammonia, laundry detergent, or other non-recommended household products. Improper use, by way of: abnormal use, not following instructions, child left unattended, transport damage i.e. airline or freight damage.
Where proof of purchase is not provided or product is outside of our 5 year period, manufacturer’s representative reserves right to charge for a replacement. Freight charges will apply. Customers costs within warranty:
The customer is responsible for any inwards freight charge to return product for warranty and or service.
Customer costs outside warranty:
Where proof of purchase is not provided or product is outside of guarantee period, manufacturers representative reserves the right to charge for a replacement product. Freight charge may apply.
Worldwide Coverage:
If you file a warranty claim outside of the country of purchase, Touchwood will not accept any responsibility on freight and/or service fees.

What is the lead time on your products ?

Cots & Furniture
Delivery times for our Touchwood furniture ranges vary. Some ranges are held in stock in our warehouse; some are arriving on a regular basis whilst others are manufactured in larger batches and incur much longer lead times. If there is likely to be a delay in these times then we will contact you or the retailer directly prior to processing the order
Please be aware that delivery times are subject to container hold-ups, port strike-action, shipping delays, weather and other unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.

What timber is your bedroom and Nursery furniture manufactured from ?

We manufacture all of our Nursery and Bedroom Furniture from sustainable, renewable New Zealand Pine, unless stated otherwise.

Do you use NON-TOXIC finishes on all your products ?

Yes, all of our products are sprayed with non-toxic stains and paints, which comply with the non-toxic regulations of New Zealand and Australia, making it safe for your child.

Why does Touchwood use a two-handed dropside mechanism that is different to the currently fashionable one handed dropside ?

Why? Because it is safer. It can’t be opened by shaking from inside the cot, or by another child from the outside. When you have picked up your baby, we suggest you leave the drop side in the lower position, ready for your return.
We are sure that if you make these comparisons, you’ll choose a TouchWood Safety Cot.